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  How long will it take to find me a match?

Typically you should start receiving your matches within a few days.


  Why are there no photos?

Photos do not serve our purpose of finding a true match. Other services use them as a technique to keep you coming back to their sites. We don't want you to have to bother with that. That is why we say "We do all the work!"

Physical attraction is certainly important, but when it comes to matchmaking, it is best if the two of you get to know each other first, then exchange photos when you are ready to.


  Does this really work?

The following will help you decide:

  1. You should read References
  2. You should test our technique for yourself. Gather the birth dates for people you have been involved with, then run compatibility reports for yourself with each of the other people. Compatibility Reports
Why can't I choose preferences like hair color etc.?
  Our service seeks to match people who have a positive relationship chart. From there, it is up to the two of you to get to know each other. We put the two of you in contact, and leave the rest to nature.

Our objection to preferences is this:
Human relationships are profoundly deep emotional and psychological interactions. Those who believe preferences will aid you in finding love must think that finding love is as simple as buying a new car with all the options you want. We are sorry, but it just does not work that way.

After many years of doing relationship charts, there is no doubt in our minds that astrology is a simple and effective means of pointing you in the direction of other people with whom you have a good chance of "clicking."