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Studies On Astrology

A list of many well done studies with positive and negative results.

The Facts

One-third of Americans believe in astrology (USA Today 6/20/00), with the fastest growing segment among executives and professionals
(USA Today, 1996).

According to The Harris Poll, nearly 41% of adult Americans believe in astrology
(The Harris Poll, #52 9/13/00)

Famous Couples

Relationship charts for famous couples. Read Here

Astrology and Attraction

An excellent article at Widgets Astrology World: Love At First Site .
If the link has changed, you can read a copy Read it here.

Widgets Astrology World has a number of good articles on the subject of Astrology and relationships!

Astrology and Personality

Twenty-four female subjects were asked to recognize as true or untrue complex personality characteristics describing themselves and to select one of three personality profiles as their own; personality information had been derived by "blinded" astrologers from natal charts representing the moment of birth. Three different experiments varied as to the complexity of the astrologically derived personality characteristics, method of test material administration, and subjects' knowledge of the astrological basis for personality information. Overall results for the three experiments evaluated using cumulative binomial distribution were significantly non-random, with p<.001 for 15 valid trials and p<.Ol for all 24 trials including nine found non-eligible for inclusion. These. results supported the validity of astrology's capability to generate unique personality descriptors that subjects affirm by selection as representative of their own personalities.


Critical  Comments  on  Valerie  Vaughan's          
"Re-bunking the debunkers"
(2000) By Ivan W. Kelly.
Read it here

Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior by Gauquelin, a landmark book that proves statistically that a planet’s location in a natal chart is directly related to an individual’s career and personality. View Gauquelin Professional Results table

The Case for Astrology by West, revised reprint of the 1970 classic, contains more proof of Astrology’s validity.

Astrology the Evidence of Science by Seymour, an Astronomer, a compilation of scientific proof of Astrology’s validity.


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