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Famous Couples

William & Kate


Thumbs up on this one!

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Sandra and Jesse


Lots of attraction indicated here, but 3 bad aspects spell "will not work very long."

Sandra's Venus is SQUARE Jesse's Pluto
Jealous, demanding by Pluto forces Venus to leave.

Sandra's Mercury is SQUARE Jesse's Neptune
One or the other may lie, which will have a destructive effect on the relationship.

Sandra's Mars is SQUARE Jesse's Jupiter
Not good for a relationship. Hard time living with each other's standards and habits.

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Tiger and Elin


A mirrorred negative aspect between Mars amd Neptune.

Mars (Tiger) has a tendency to shatter Neptune's (Elin's) dreams.

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Michael and Debbie

  These two had something special going. View Full Report fdk sl lksj fldkj flkjslkjl slk flkjlkjlkjs  

Jon and Kate Gosselin

  The mirrored Mars Sextile Venus aspects is one of the best aspects a couple can have, but there is serious trouble here, the type of which takes some time to shows its ugly head. It is not likely that these two will stay together.
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Barack and Michelle Obama

  Barack's Pluto is TRINE Michelle's Mercury
These people have common interests. Through their association, the world may benefit.
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Ike and Tina Turner

  This was a HOT couple. Blessed with a mirrored Venus/Jupiter Trine, and cursed by a Mars/Mars Square. It was all in the stars! View Report  

Anna Nicloe and Howard

  Anna was hypnotized by him, and viewed him as a friend she could trust. View Report  

Anna Nicloe and Larry

  No match here. What these two were doing together is a mystery. View Report  

Britney and Kevin

  NOT a chance. Horrible chart. Britney, call us girl, we want to help! View Report  

Ron and Nancy


As you would expect, a very harmonious chart. Take a look at the trines are work here.
We should all be so lucky. View Report


Michael and Lisa

  There are some nasty aspects here. The relationship was not going to last. However, there are a LARGE number of aspects here making this a complex relationship. View Report

Scott and Laci

  There is attraction here as well as some negative aspects, but here is the knock-out blow for this relationship: Saturn square Mars both ways!!!! Resentment and cramping each others space. View Report

Scott and Amber


Attraction and excitement are a strong theme here. Lots of aspects, and almost all are positive. Too bad he didn't go for the divorce; these two could have made it. View Report


Brad and Jennifer


This was a relationship based on attraction and little else.

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