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Member: windreamers
Location: Albany, NY
Email: [Hidden in sample]

DOB: 3/4/1965
Member: chemmy
Location: Weeden, NY
Email: [Hidden in sample]
DOB: 1/4/1969

windreamer's Sun SEXTILE chemmy's Sun [Orb: 0.26]
This aspect denotes friendship, communication, and cooperation in creative self-expression. You tend to encourage one another and are apt to share pleasurable activities. This is a very positive aspect for romantic relationships.

windreamer's Uranus TRINE chemmy's Sun [Orb: 0.67]
This aspect makes for a very exciting friendship or romance. You have a strong magnetic attraction for each other. This combination often shows mutual interests in unusual, esoteric, scientific or common organizational activities. Although the aspects of Uranus in romantic terms are neutral, the magnetic appeal of the placement can produce a sexual attraction. There is a definite friendship attachment usually based on a mutual respect for one another's need for freedom and independence.

windreamer's Venus TRINE chemmy's Mars [Orb: 0.45]
This is one of the best comparative aspect for sexual compatibility. There is likely to be a strong romantic attraction here, as well as a connection conducive to emotional and social compatibility. This is an excellent combination for romantic relationships and for marriage because of the high degree of both social and sexual compatibility.

windreamer's Pluto TRINE chemmy's Sun [Orb: 1.62]
This is a good aspect for business or political alliances since both people exhibit the same drive.

Number and rating of aspects indicating attraction: 0210

Number and rating of aspects indicating compatibility: 2211

How to read these scores:

Numbers relate to the power of an aspect to influence a relationship.

0's indicate an aspect has little influence on a relationship.

2's are stronger (better) than 1's

-2's are stronger (worse) than -1's

The first row refers to physical attraction / sexual compatibility.

The second row refers to mental / emotional compatibility.


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